Our Friends


A beautiful shrine in its sacred space, Badarikashram is an intimate Hindu temple in San Leandro, California. This temple began over twenty years ago in our house. The founder and director, Swami Omkarananda, has been a constant source of inspiration and friendship to us over many years. We support the children’s programs in Badarikashrama’s sister center inb Karnataka with our music work.

Open Secret Bookstore

Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael, is a wonderful metaphysical bookstore where we sing every month for Kali Puja. See this site for puja dates.

The Vedanta Society

The Vedanta Society of Southern California is the home of our guru, Swami Swahananda, who is the swami-in-charge there. The temple offers lectures, classes and pujas in the Ramakrishna tradition, and hosts an excellent bookstore where you will find a wealth of publications on various spiritual topics.

Livermore Hindu Temple

Livermore Hinu Temple is a beautiful traditional temple built in the classical design of temples in India. We often sing here. Visit this temple for a taste of India close to home.

Arshad Syed

Arshad Syed, well known santoor and tabla player, is one of our music teachers. See this site for upcoming pereformances and instruction information.

Kali Mandir

Kali Mandir is a beautiful temple to the Divine Mother in Laguna Beach, California. We are closely associated with this temple and often sing in front of Ma Kali in this sacred space.

The Fremont Hindu Temple

The Fremont Hindu Temple is a lovely temple that honors a variety of paths within Hinduism. It is a popular cultural meeting place for the Bay Area Indian community, and we often sing there.


This site lists many current and upcoming kirtan programs in the Bay Area. It is always up to date and is a great resource for finding a kirtan to attend. Our programs are usually listed here.

Ma Swami Chetan Jyoti

Ma Swami Chetan Jyoti is a dear friend of ours in Rishikesh, India. She offers many services for poor children in Rishikesh. We support her work with profits from our music work.

Swami Bhajanananda

Swami Bhajanananda is a dear friend and “son” to us. He is a wealth of information about many facets of Hinduism. Swami Bhajanananda is the priest of the Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach, and also teaches at the University of California at Irvine.

Mohini Mohan Patnaik

Mohini Mohan Patnaik, renowned flute and santoor player from Orissa, is one of our music teachers. Listen to some of his beautiful compostions on this website.